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Hogg and Steer products are made from the highest quality ingredients. Most of our ingredients are grown and purchased locally. Traditionally sausages are made from cheaper cuts of meat and leftover pieces, but here at Hogg and Steer we believe in quality vs. quantity. Our pork sausages are made solely from hand-selected pork shoulders and, and our beef sausages are made from hand-selected brisket and chuck roasts. All our products are hand-cut, packed and wrapped in the best quality butcher paper and sealed with love.

“The key ingredient in every product made by us is the love for what we do.” 

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Hogg & Steer handcrafted meats and products are made from the best ingredients using family recipes meticulously perfected for your gastronomical pleasure. Our current selection of spices includes the best stone-ground European paprika, highest quality saffron, plethora of fancy salts and peppercorns, locally grown garlic and shallots, fennel and caraway seeds and cinnamon sticks. Many of our spices are finished using mortar and pestle showing another level of love in what we do.

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hoggandsteer@gmail.com / 503-442-3670

Our business operates from Bohemian Kitchen located on 8045 SW Nimbus Ave, Beaverton, OR 97008. This location is for meat crafting and order pickup only. Thank you for your business.

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